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When Death Occurs

When someone in your family dies, you’ll have the responsibility of arranging the funeral. That can be overwhelming when you’re grieving. So it’s good to know that Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania is available every day of the week and every week of the year to help you make those arrangements.

Specializing in direct cremation

We focus on direct cremations that can be arranged through our secure online service. A direct cremation is where the deceased is cremated a day or two after death without being embalmed. There is no visitation or service. We provide this service because we recognize that more and more people are turning away from burials and elaborate funerals and electing for simple cremation instead.

Why choose a direct cremation?

For many people, cost is the main reason. Certainly, direct cremations are much cheaper than traditional burials. Even cremations with a service held beforehand can run into thousands of dollars. But many choose a direct cremation for other reasons:

  • Land space is saved
  • A memorial service can be held at a later, more convenient date
  • Stress is reduced because arrangements are simpler to make
  • The cremated remains can be easily transported via courier
  • It simply suits the mourners’ values and beliefs.

Arranging a direct cremation online

At Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, we let you arrange a direct cremation online. It takes only a few minutes, and you can do it when your schedule allows. All we ask is that you first call us toll free at 844-223-2648 to inform us of the death. Once we have a few basic details from you, you can go to our website and start planning.

Call us promptly no matter where the death took place

Regardless of where your loved one dies, you need to call us. However, procedures differ slightly depending on the place of death and whether the death was anticipated or not:

  • The death is anticipated
  • If your loved one dies in a hospital, hospice or nursing home, call us directly. If he or she dies at home, call the hospice or doctor first.
  • They will report the death to the county first, then call us.
  • The death is unexpected

If your loved dies suddenly at home (or at least not in a health care facility), call 911 instantly. The local police will come, and they may decide to call the Medical Examiner (ME) or Coroner. Depending on the circumstances, the authorities may require an autopsy to be performed and take the body into custody. If that is the case, they will call us after the autopsy. If they decide that no autopsy is necessary, you can call us.

To start arranging a direct cremation, click here.

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