Important Forms

The cremation process must comply with the laws of Pennsylvania. Those laws require all cremation providers to collect certain information and obtain authorization before carrying out a cremation and within a stipulated time.

On this page are the legal documents that relate to the cremation process. You need to sign these documents and return them to us as soon as you have ordered the cremation. This will ensure that the entire cremation process is carried out legally and according to your wishes.

If you need any help filling out these forms, please call us at 844-4CREMPA. We’re here to help.

Authorization for Cremation

This form is filled out by the Authorizing Agent(s). It gives Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania permission to perform the cremation, and it stipulates what is to be done with the ashes.

This form must be signed in front of a witness and returned to us within 5 days.

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Vital Statistics Worksheet

This form is necessary to file the death certificate as it contains information about the deceased. The information for this form can be completed online once arrangements are finalized. It is filled out by the Authorizing Agent(s).

This form must be returned to us as soon as possible to comply with the laws of Pennsylvania regarding the submission of a death certificate.

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Obituary Worksheet

This worksheet is to help you collect information for the obituary. It includes a list of places where you can publish the obituary.

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