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Stroudsburg, PA is known as the heartof the Poconos because of the central location in the PoconoMountains. This picturesque region is in northeast Pennsylvania, andthe downtown area is a destination to see with the historic buildingsand small shops.

Families have the convenience of avariety of businesses in the area. If you need to hire a company tohelp with cremations, then you should talk to our team here atCremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We have simplified thecremation process with the goal to reduce your stress after losing aloved one.

Don’t Break the Bank: AffordableCremation Services

There’s no question that funeralservices can be expensive. How much money should you be spending onend-of-life services? If you choose a traditional plan, then yourfamily could be spending upwards of $10,000 or more! The costs ofworking with a full-service funeral home can add up when you chooseany of the add-on services that are offered.

In comparison, a direct cremation canbe a fraction of the price. Many families don’t want to spend theirsavings account on overpriced funeral services. Luckily, there is asolution: simple cremation. At Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania,Inc., we understand your desire to offer respectful end-of-lifeservices without spending a lot of money. We have been serving theindustry for many years, ensuring affordable prices for residents inthe area.

Price Comparison for Your Family

How can we keep our prices so lowcompared to the services offered by funeral homes? You can request adirect cremation from a funeral home, but the costs will still behigher than the services that we provide. The difference lies in theoverhead costs and add-on services.

A full-service funeral home needs tomaintain the expenses that are required to provide a large facilitywhere families can meet. Since we specialize in cremations only,there is no reason for us to spend money on a large building.Instead, we can reduce the overhead costs to eliminate the need topass those costs onto our customers.

Additionally, funeral home prices oftencreep up due to the add-on services that are offered. Many times, thecompany will offer a complimentary consultation to discuss theoptions. The company representative will show up with a catalog inhand, and the family will often buy-in to the idea that add-onservices are needed.

We want to keep things simple withtransparent costs and basic services. When you choose CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc., you don’t need to worry aboutpressure to buy additional services. We don’t offer funerals,burials, or other add-ons. Instead, we keep things simple with basiccremation packages that support your budget goals.

Should You Choose Cremation inStroudsburg, PA?

Whether you require immediate servicesfor you are pre-planning a cremation for yourself, you need to facethe choice for the end-of-life services. You have the option to gothrough the process to plan a full funeral if desired. But, it can bea stressful and expensive event to hold for family and friends. Whynot reduce the costs and keep things simple with cremation?

These direct cremation services arerespectful and professional, giving you the peace of mind to knowthat we are caring for your loved one. We put our clients first inevery way. Our goal is to make sure that your family is satisfiedwith the services that we provide.

It doesn’t matter if you are usingour online cremation planning tool or talking to our team over thephone. We are always looking for solutions to offer the best servicesand reduce your stress with the planning. We always provide the bestpossible service to support your needs.

Your Family Can Count on Us

When you choose Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., your family can count on the services that weprovide. We won’t trick you with extra fees or cut corners to savemoney. Instead, we maintain the focus to ensure quality services forevery cremation.

If you need gentle guidance whenselecting the services, then we are here to help. View the offeringshere on our website and plan the cremation in the comfort of yourhome. Or, pick up the phone any time if you want to talk to a realperson about the solutions that we provide. Our team is on call 24/7so that you don’t have to worry about delays in the cremationplanning. We will arrive at the pickup location within one to twohours after we receive notification.

Are you looking for the best cremationservices in Stroudsburg, PA? Then now is the time to talk to us atCremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc.: 728 Main St, Avoca, PA18641. Call if you have questions about the services that we offer:(844) 427-3672

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