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The city of Reading, PA is the one ofthe county seats in Pennsylvania. As the fifth largest city in thestate, there are many conveniences and options for residents in thearea. If you are looking for funeral or cremation services, then youwill see that you have a variety of companies that offer thenecessary services.

Some families choose a full-servicefuneral home, only to find that they paid more than necessary due tothe extra services that are offered. You don’t need to pay for allof the unnecessary products and services if these things don’tmatch the needs of your family. Instead, talk to us at CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. to learn about the direct cremationsthat we provide.

Differences to Expect with DirectCremations

One of the problems with choosing afuneral home for the services that are needed is that you must workthrough a long list of questions and potential up-sells. Familiesspend a lot of money on things that aren’t necessary! The financialburden can amplify your stress and grief during this difficult time.

If you don’t want a full funeral,then there is no reason to choose a big funeral home. Instead, lookfor services that are provided by a direct cremation company. If youchoose Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc., you will see thatwe don’t provide some of the offerings available from many of thefuneral homes. For example, we don’t offer funeral service,graveside services, embalming, burials, and caskets.

What do we provide? Basic cremationpackages that cover everything that you need for a simple service. Weare proud to be the leading cremation specialists in the area. We’veworked hard to simplify the process so that you can access thesebasic services without the complications of a big funeral.

Online Arrangements for Cremationsin Reading, PA

Our online system offers the simplestsolution to plan a cremation. You can browse our website to findtransparency in pricing, services, and planning options. When you usethe online portal, you can plan a cremation in a matter of minutes.These planning tools can be used anywhere you have an internetconnection. So, there is no reason to leave your home or schedule anin-home consultation.

Families love the simplicity ofchoosing cremation services on our website. Not only can you selectthe details that match the needs of your family. But, you can see adetailed breakdown of the pricing to ensure that the services fityour budget.

We know that funeral costs can be aburden on the family. We don’t want you to feel stressed about themoney that will be spent. So, we are working to offer affordablesolutions without sacrificing the quality of the cremation. Since wespecialize in cremation, we can ensure the utmost respect and careevery step of the way. This specialization allows us to reduce ouroverhead costs. Then, these savings are passed on to our customers.

Call If You Need Help with FuneralPlanning

Even though the online tools areconvenient for planning, there are times when it might be nice totalk to someone about the services that are provided. You are welcometo call any time if you would like to talk to a real person. We offerphone support 24/7, giving you the option to enlist our servicesregardless of the time of death.

Our gentle guidance can be helpfulwhile you are choosing the details for your cremation service. Or,you can work through these arrangements without talking to our teamif you prefer. You have the flexibility to choose the level ofinteraction that suits the needs of your family.

When death occurs, you can rest assuredto know that we will come to your home immediately. Response timevaries depending on the location of your home. But, we strive to beat the location within one or two hours after you call.

Local Cremation Services You CanTrust

When you are working with alocally-owned company, you can rest assured to know that you willreceive personalized services. We know that every family has uniquepreferences. So, we offer cremation packages and other add-ons sothat your needs are met every step of the way.

Direct cremation opens up thepossibilities if you want to keep things simple and stress-free. Youcan choose the final place to lay the ashes. We offer scatteringservices, or you can choose to keep a memorial urn in your home. It’sup to you to decide on the solutions that will fit your desires.

Do you need cremations in Reading, PA?Then it is important that you call the best team in the area:Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We are located at 728 MainSt, Avoca, PA 18641. Call with your questions or to arrange a timefor pick-up: (844) 427-3672

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