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Harrisburg, PA is the capital city ofPennsylvania, with a central location in Dauphin County. Thisbeautiful city sits on the banks of the Susquehanna River, creating aserene destination that families enjoy.

If you are looking for cremations inthe area, then we invite you to talk to our team here at CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We understand the difficulties thatyou are facing when scheduling a cremation for someone that you love.Not only do you need to sort through the options for the funeral, butyou also need to pick a place to lay the person to rest.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Funeral

One common problem that families faceis the overcomplication of the funeral process. A funeral home willtry to up-sell a variety of services that you might not desire. Ifyou don’t think that a burial and funeral service matches the needsof your family, then it might be time to talk to us about directcremation.

We don’t provide burials, caskets,embalming, visitations, or other common options that are availablefrom full funeral homes. What we provide is a simple solution thatincludes everything that is needed for cremation. If you are thinkingabout cremation services, then simplicity is often the best option.

Benefits of Direct Cremation inHarrisburg, PA

What are the benefits of choosingdirect cremation instead of a big funeral home? You will find thatyour stress levels go down when you don’t need to face the longlist of questions that are required for funeral planning. There’sno need to work through the stress while you are dealing with thegrief at the same time.

We offer full transparency about thepricing of our cremation packages. Compare the costs with thepackages that are offered by funeral homes, and you will see that youcan save thousands of dollars by choosing our company. Since we onlyoffer cremations, we can cut the overhead expenses and pass thosesavings on to your family.

Another benefit is found in theflexibility that is available. A standard burial will require thatthe casket is placed in a designated location, such as a cemetery.Cremation allows you to choose the location that will suit the needsof your family. You can keep the ashes in your home with a memorialurn. Or, choose a destination where you would like the scatter theashes.

Finally, direct cremation is the rightoption if you want to avoid the logistics of burial and eventplanning. Some families prefer to maintain their privacy during thisexperience. We will support your desires and offer discretion duringevery step of the cremation process.

Online Options for CremationPlanning

We’ve worked hard to create a websitethat is easy to use when you are planning cremation. These onlineoptions offer the best solution if you want to keep things simplewithout leaving your home. Not only are we transparent with ourpricing list, but you have the flexibility to select the servicesthat you desire.

This online tool gives you the freedomto explore your options without feeling pressured into buyingservices that aren’t necessary. We don’t require a face-to-facemeeting when you are planning a cremation. So, you don’t need toworry about the sales pitch or a product catalog designed to increasethe cost of your order.

Some families love the simplicity thatcomes from online ordering. But, others want a little more supportwhen exploring the options. If you have questions about the services,then you can contact our team any time to learn about the ways thatwe can help. We offer 24/7 phone assistance to answer your questionsand schedule transportation as needed.

When a family member passes away, youcan call for immediate services. Rest assured to know that we willarrive at the location within an hour or two.

Dignity and Respect for Your LovedOne

Rest assured to know that we offerrespect and dignity every step of the way. Your loved one will be incaring hands when you choose our team. At the same time, we strive toprovide the best service and professionalism for your family as well.You can be confident to know that we provide complete end-of-lifeservices without cutting corners on the most important details.

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., our locally-owned company stays up-to-date withthe federal and state laws. We handle all of the logistics that areneeded for cremations in Harrisburg, PA. If it is time for you tolearn more about these services, then you can browse our website orgive us a call. Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. islocated: 728 Main St, Avoca, PA 18641. Call any time if you needadditional information about the services listed here on our website:(844) 427-3672

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