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Easton, PA is nestled where the LehighRiver and Delaware River meet, offering a beautiful setting forresidents in the area. As the county seat of Northampton County, thecity is home to residents who enjoy the quiet lifestyle in this town.

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., we are here to support the community by offeringquality cremations for residents in the area. If you need cremationright away, then you can call us any time. We are also here to helpwith pre-planning if desired. Here are a few of the reasons whyfamilies choose our services instead of a larger funeral home:

Cut the Costs with Direct Services

Did you know that many funeral homesoutsource the cremation portion of the services? Even though funeralhomes offer a range of services, they usually don’t have thefacilities to take care of the cremation in-house. So, a fee is addedto the cremation service to enable the funeral home to make money onthe transaction. The company needs to build in the income to coverthe overhead expenses of maintaining a funeral home.

Compare the cremation prices from afuneral home with the costs of our direct cremation packages. Wedon’t have a big building that needs to be maintained forvisitations and funeral services. Instead, we focus on the coreservices that are required for cremation. This focus enables us toreduce our overhead expenses so that we can offer affordable pricesto our customers.

There’s no reason for you to pay alot of money for cremation. If you don’t want a traditional funeralor burial, then it makes sense to choose a direct cremation company.At Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc., we can help you savemoney without sacrificing the services that you will receive.

Why Pay for Services You Don’tNeed?

We don’t want you to feel pressuredinto buying services or items that you don’t need. Some companieswill send someone to your home with a catalog of keepsakes. As aresult, the overall expenses will go up because the family oftenfeels pressured into buying these things.

Instead of making you uncomfortablewith unnecessary services and items, we keep it simple with a clearprice list. You can select the services that you desire. Knowing theprices in advance will ensure that you can maintain your budget.

Online Ordering to Arrange Cremationin Easton, PA

The easiest solution is to use ouronline tools here on our website. We know that many people want toconsider the cremation details without the pressure of a face-to-faceconversation. So, you can browse the information here on our websiteto choose the details that match your needs. This online orderingsystem is designed to reduce your stress and improve the experiencefor your family.

When you are using this online system,it is as simple as choosing the package that you want and selectingadditional options if desired. It only takes a few minutes to placeyour order. Your stress will go down knowing that there isn’t anyreason to delay the arrangements.

Have questions come up while you werelooking through the online ordering options? Then you can contact ourteam any time for more information. We are available by phone 24hours a day. We know the importance of a listening ear when you aremaking these difficult decisions. So, we want to be sure that ourteam is available to help in the moments when you need the support.

Count on Us for DignifiedEnd-of-Life Services

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., we commit to offer the best services for everyfamily. We believe that you have a choice in the services that areselected. You can use our online system to follow the roadmap for asimple, respectful cremation.

Whether you are talking to our staff inperson, over the phone, or in writing, you can rest assured to knowthat you are in good hands. Customer service is a priority. Weunderstand the importance of paying attention to details during thissensitive time.

Count on us when you are looking forthe best cremation services in the area. You can focus on the needsof your family instead of worrying about the logistics for theservices that are needed. Whether your family needs services today oryou are looking to the future, we are here to assist.

We handle the body and cremated remainswith respect and dignity before, during, and after the cremation. Thehighest commitment to professionalism is promised for your family. Ifyou are looking for cremations in Easton, PA, then our team is hereto serve when you need help. Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania,Inc. is locally-owned, with our location nearby: 728 Main St, Avoca,PA 18641. Call anytime: (844) 427-3672

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