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Bethlehem, PA is located in easternPennsylvania, boasting a population of over 75,000 people. The cityhas a promising future and strong economy, offering convenience andquality services in every industry.

If you are in need of cremations in thearea, then you are encouraged to talk to us at Cremation Specialistof Pennsylvania, Inc. We are working hard to change the industry byshowing families that it is possible to have a respectful cremationwithout spending a lot of money.

Simple Cremations, Simple Prices

We are confident in the services thatare offered and assure transparency for the pricing. By focusing oncremations only, we can cut the expenses that are incurred forfunerals, burials, and more. We only offer cremations, giving you thepeace of mind to know that you are working with an expert team.

Simplification is our goal. It can be astressful experience to plan end-of-life services for someone thatyou love. Instead of adding to the stress with a long list of funeralofferings, we have reduced the options to the basic services that arerequired for cremation. In comparison, the services from a fullfuneral home often involve decisions for the location of the event,the casket, viewing, graveside service, and more.

It can take hours to plan a traditionalfuneral. On the other hand, our online system makes it possible toplan a cremation in just a few minutes. You can use our website toview the services and prices that are offered. Then, finalize yourplan and pay for the services without leaving the comfort of yourhome. Feel free to call our office at any time if you have questionsabout the services that we provide.

You Have a Choice for End-of-LifeServices

You always have a choice regarding theway a loved one is laid to rest. Many companies will pressurefamilies into services that might not be necessary. For example, thefuneral home will send someone to meet at your house. Thissalesperson will show up for the consultation with a product catalogin hand. Often, families feel the need to buy products or servicesthat aren’t necessary. So, the overall costs of the service go up.

Additionally, cremation services from afuneral home are usually more expensive compared to a directcremation service. The funeral home needs to cover the expenses forthe large facility and add-on options that are always offered. So, itis common for the prices to be inflated to cover the full-servicebusiness model.

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., we are working hard to keep our prices low andthe planning process simple. We empower families to understand thatthey have a choice for end-of-life services. If you are interested incremation, then we invite you to talk to us for more details.

Professional Cremations inBethlehem, PA

Can you trust the team that isoverseeing the cremation for your loved one? Choose a professionalcompany with many years of experience in the industry. Additionally,you might consider the benefits of selecting a locally-owned businessto ensure that the team has the best interests of the community inmind.

Most families are surprised to learnthat many of the funeral homes in the state have been purchased bylarger corporations. Even though the funeral homes appear to befamily-owned businesses, there is a larger entity behind the scenes.A funeral home that is reporting to the shareholders often has toprioritize profits over personalized services.

We are committed to the community andensure a custom experience. Our locally-owned cremation service isbased in the area, and we are working hard to maintain the strongreputation we have developed. You can call us whenever you need help,and rest assured to know that there will always be a local person onthe other end of the line.

Online and 24/7 Services

Cremation planning isn’t alwaysconvenient. But, we are striving to simplify the process with yourconvenience in mind. In addition to 24/7 phone support, we also havea lot of information that you can review here on our website. Ouronline system is designed to simplify cremation planning. Familieslove the convenience of cremation planning at home. It only takes afew minutes to fill out the online order form.

You will see the pricing and know thefull cost of the cremation before submitting payment. Thistransparency makes it easy for you to choose funeral services thatfit your budget.

If you need information aboutcremations in Bethlehem, PA, then it is important that you call us atCremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We are here to answer yourquestions. Our team assures that you will receive the respectful,professional services that you deserve. We have a nearby location:728 Main St, Avoca, PA 18641. Call to talk to our team: (844)427-3672

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