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Who should you call when you needaffordable, quality cremations in Avoca, PA? This beautiful city islocated in the Greater Pittston area of Luzerne County Pennsylvania,offering a quiet borough for families with many generations ofhistory in the area. If you need cremation services, then it makessense to contact the trusted company in the city: CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc.

You have the option to call afull-service funeral home for cremation if you prefer. But, it iscommon for the prices to be high since many add-on services areprovided with the cremation. If you are looking for a simple solutionwithout the fluff, then you need to contact us at CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. Our team is working hard to providesimple cremation services with a pricing structure that is withinreach for most families.

What We Do and Don’t Offer

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., we don’t offer some of the most expensivefuneral services: ceremonies, visitations, embalming, burials, andother full-service funeral solutions. By focusing only on cremationservices, we can keep our prices low without sacrificing the qualityservice that you deserve.

As you are choosing a company to helpwith cremation or funeral services, you need to consider the bestplan to support the desires of your family. If a simple cremation issufficient to match your desires, then call us at CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. to learn about the packages that weoffer.

Cremation Plan Made Simple

One of the benefits that we offer is asimple booking process that can be done through our website. Thisonline service is easy to use, giving you full access to thenecessary information. It is possible to book the cremation serviceswithout leaving the comfort of your home. The order only takes a fewminutes, and there is no need to schedule an appointment.

We never make you feel pressured intobuying services that you don’t need. You have the option to chooseadditional services as required for your family. But, we won’t sendsomeone to your home with a catalog and possible up-sell options. Ourgoal is to help you plan a modest cremation without the unnecessaryexpenses.

If you have questions about theservices that are listed here on our website, then you are welcome tocall us day or night. A quick phone call will give you access to talkto a real person. We can explain the packages and options, helpingyou choose the solutions that are best for your family.

Immediate, Responsive CremationService in Avoca, PA

Whether you pre-arranged the cremationservices or you contact us for an immediate need situation, we offerfast response times. When you are planning a cremation in Avoca, thenit is important that you work with a company located nearby. Thisproximity gives you a fast response time when you need it the most.

You can rest assured to know that wewill arrive discreetly and quickly when we receive notification thattransportation is needed. We strive to arrive at the location withinan hour or two from the time that we are notified. All you need to dois call our team so that we can come to pick up the body.

Respect and Dignity for Your LovedOne

When you choose the services that weoffer here at Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc., you canrest assured to know that we offer unparalleled dignity and respectfor your loved one. Not only do we provide caring customer servicefor your family, but we ensure that your family member will berespected during every step of the cremation.

Do you have questions about the legalrequirements and services? Talk to us any time! We are there toanswer your questions as needed, without intruding on the space thatis needed for your family to grieve. Choosing a local company meansthat you don’t have to go through the headache of corporatepaperwork and services.

Locally Owned Cremation Company

Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania,Inc. is locally owned, offering personalized services that aren’tavailable from some of the bigger chain companies in the area. Wework hard to serve our community so that we can build realrelationships with the families that request our services. Our teamis united in providing the highest level of professionalism and carefor every circumstance.

You will receive a fully-itemizedbreakdown of the costs that are chosen. This transparency helps youchoose the services that fit your budget and match your needs.

If you need cremations in Avoca, PA,then right now is the best time to contact us at Cremation Specialistof Pennsylvania, Inc. We have a location in the city: 728 Main St,Avoca, PA 18641. But, there is no need to visit our location. We cancome to your home for the transportation. Call us to learn more:(844) 427-3672

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