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As the third most populous city in thestate of Pennsylvania, Allentown, PA is one of the fastest growinglocations in the state. The city is over 250 years old and has becomea hub since it was founded in 1762. Residents enjoy living in thearea because of the convenience and access to New York and othermetropolitan areas.

At Cremation Specialist ofPennsylvania, Inc., our team offers quality cremation services forresidents in the area. We understand the difficult experience afamily can face when choosing funeral services. So, we are alwayslooking for solutions to simplify the process and reduce your stressduring this challenging time.

Affordable Cremation Services

One of the reasons your family mightconsider cremation for a loved one is because of the cost of theservices. Funeral expenses can add up, leaving behind a financialburden for the family to carry. Even if you choose an affordablefuneral home, the costs are going to be higher compared to theservices from a direct cremation company.

Funeral homes have large facilities andmany overhead costs that need to be covered. So, it is necessary toadd fees and expenses so that these overhead costs are met. Not onlyare the direct cremation prices higher, but it is common for thesecompanies to work on up-sells with other services that you might notneed or desire.

In comparison, our team at CremationSpecialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. offers simple cremations. We don’tprovide funerals, burials, caskets, embalming or any of the extrafuneral options. By keeping things simple with basic cremations, wehave found the best way to manage the costs. We believe that everyoneshould be able to choose cremation while maintaining a budget. So, wework hard to reduce overhead expenses and pass the savings back toour customers.

Our low prices make it easy for you toselect the package or services that match your desires. As you aredesigning the cremation plan, you will see an itemized list of theexpenses. This list enables you to manage your budget withoutworrying about taxes and fees.

Funeral Solutions Without the Stress

Planning end-of-life services doesn’thave to be stressful. Instead of facing the difficult decisionsassociated with burial and funerals, look at options for directcremation. We are proud to offer a simple solution that can beplanned from the comfort of your home.

It only takes a few minutes to plan acremation on our website. You can take the time that you desire toexplore the options. Don’t worry about a stressful planningmeeting. Some companies schedule a consultation and then show up witha catalog in hand to offer add-on services. We provide a few extraservices that are needed, but we give you the time and space that isrequired to decide.

Respectful Cremations in Allentown,PA

Respect and dignity are our highestpriorities when we are caring for your loved one. You can relaxknowing that we never cut corners on the services that are provided.Even though you are saving money by choosing direct cremation, itdoesn’t mean that you are sacrificing the quality of the servicesthat are offered for your family member.

Our team has been arranging cremationsfor many years. We approach every situation with the highest levelsof professionalism. Not only do we abide by all of the legalrequirements, but we are always available to answer your questionsabout the services.

One phone call is all it takes if youare looking for more information about cremation. We have provided alot of the important details here on our website. But, we understandthat many people prefer a conversation as well. So, you are welcometo call us any time if you need assistance choosing the right packageor services for your loved one.

Dependability that You Can Trust

Timing is an important factor thatneeds to be addressed after someone passes away. We are prompt withour response times, ensuring that you can trust the team that is hereto help. When you call us with notification of the passing of a lovedone, we will take action right away to provide for the needs of yourfamily.

Our team offers prompt transportationservices. You can expect that we will be on location within one ortwo hours after we receive the phone call. Then, the timing of thecremation will be discussed with your family.

For quality cremations in Allentown,PA, you need to talk to a local, experienced team. Contact us atCremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc.: 728 Main St, Avoca, PA18641. We are always here to answer your questions or assist withanything that you need. Call if you would like more information aboutthe benefits of direct cremation: (844) 427-3672

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